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Strider 2: Merchandise

Strider 2 Finger Skateboard

It's a finger skateboard. Whoopee. They made it because, you know, all Strider fans are heavy into finger skateboarding. Riiiight.

It is no longer for sale. Because it didn't sell.

Strider 2 Buttons

These were sold to promote the PSX release of Strider 2. They are well-nigh impossible to find, now.

Strider 2 T-Shirt

To my knowledge, this is the only article of clothing manufactured for the Strider series. It isn't available from Capcom's website anymore, unfortunately. Try eBay.

Strider Hiryu 2 OST
January 21, 2000

This is more like it! A double-disc, thirty-three track album of the complete soundtrack for Strider 2, plus medleys of all of the CPS-1 BGMs!

Unfortunately, it too is now out of print. Whoops.

Strider Hiryu 2 PCB Kit

Not so much a piece of merchandise as it is the promotional and maintenance materials included with the Strider 2 PCB, it nonetheless has some very cool stuff.

You can sometimes get this with a complete PCB on eBay. Good luck.

ストライダー飛竜 リトアート (Strider Hiryu Portrait)
Famitsu, 3500円

This piece commissioned by Famitsu magazine duplicates one of the cutscenes from Strider 2. Only 100 were ever made and each bears a unique serial number. They were sold at the 2001 Tokyo Game Show.

They are no longer for sale. Any Strider otaku who tracked this down would have bragging rights over everyone else. If you happen to have gotten hold of this, you have my utmost respect.

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