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Bio: He is a member of the Striders, a secret organization specializing in kidnapping, assassination, demolition, etc., that has worked behind the scenes throughout history. Having obtained A-Class status at a young age, he is the organization's best assassin.

Real Name: Unknown

Alliance: Capcom

First Appearance: Strider (1989)

Occupation: A-Class Strider

Abilities: He has trained his body to its utmost physical limits. He also wields the Cypher, a plasma-generating broadsword capable of cutting through anything.

Weapons: Plasma sword "Cypher", sickle and chain, robotic animal helpers that he can summon at will.

Character Moves

Special Moves
Ame-No-Murakumo: QCF+At / Sp
Excalibur: QCF(in air)+At / D-pad(in air) + Sp
Gram: DP+At
Vajra: B,DP+Sp / D-pad + Sp

Hyper Combos
Legion: QCF+At At / Hc
Ouroboros: QCB+At At

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