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Marvel Vs. Capcom's Strider Merchandise

Spider-Man Vs. Strider
Toy Biz

Many of the Marvel Vs. Capcom crew were given the toy treatment by Toy Biz. As you can see, Strider is bundled with Spider-Man, and a very good Spider-Man it is, too. The Hiryu toy, on the other hand, leaves something to be desired. It's gawky, awkward, and ungainly. Why Toy Biz? Why? Why not McFarlane toys? If not them, why not Rhesaurus? I mean, Capcom already had a contract with them to do those Street Fighter toys... why couldn't they just do a Hiryu figure? That would've rocked! But no... we got the gawky geek treatment.

These used to be a pretty common sight at KB Toys. They're not that hard to get hold of. These days, check eBay.

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes OST

The Marvel Vs. Capcom soundtrack contains the theme music for every playable character in the game, including Strider Hiryu's. His theme is a remix of "Raid!" the opening theme in Kazakh. This album is more of a curiosity than anything... unless you're a completist (like me) you probably won't need to find it or buy it.
Curious about the tracklist?

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