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I don't know who these guys are, but they've made the absolute best statue of Hiryu I've ever seen. They're awesome.

Click the image for a bigger picture taken from a slightly different angle. And check out Modeling Club KAZYA's homepage for more of their work!

SCULPTOR: John Beckwith

These two pieces are custom-made gamepieces for the tabletop RPG Warhammer 40,000. Color me impressed. They are both very, very small, as you can tell by the quarter off to the right.

Check out John's DeviantArt page when you get a chance.


The sculptor of this one thinks his work is done in a "slightly deformed" style. I don't necessarily agree. What do you think?

SCULPTOR: sengster

This one started out with a stock humanoid plushie body and a prototype baby plushie body. sengster then added everything else to the basic body, including a brand new head. This is one of the most unique customizations I've seen. Top notch.

Click the image for a more detailed sheet. And check out sengster's DeviantArt page for more of her work!


This one's sculptor used Apoxie Sculpt to get the details in the hair, leg wrappings, and weapons. He made the shoulder harness with Fun Foam and a wired ribbon for the sash and scarf. A fantastic custom job, I say.

Click the image for the full sculpt sheet. And check out SomaKun's DeviantArt page for more of his stuff!

SCULPTOR: Kyle Robinson

This one started with an SOTA Ken head with Apoxie hair. Then he made a cast of the head for a completely custom head. Torso sculpted out of Apoxie over a Moon Knight torso, upper arms from same with lower arms from SMC Black Spider-Man. Belt and sash are Apoxie. Legs from SOTA Ibuki. Lower legs from SMC Black Spidey, again. Knife and sword were built from scratch pieces, then custom-cast. Sash and scarf are poseable Flex Ribbon; arms and feet wrapped in white cloth ribbon. All in all, a great custom figure.

Click the image for the full sculpt sheet. And check out KyleRobinsonCustoms for more of his work!