Shorts? SHORTS?!?!

Yuck. This guy... he's got a bandana for a mask, shin guards for leg wraps, and God-only-knows-what for a gi. And shorts.

He does have weapons, though. That's the only points he gets. This is abysmal.

LSCM RATING: -25.0 out of 10

COSPLAYER: unknown

This picture was taken at the 2000 Otacon. Yes, I did hang onto it this long, just to make a point.

This guy is a waste of skin. The hair is wrong. The weapon belt is wrong. The shoulder guards are wrong. No chest kanji. The wrist and ankle wrappings look like they were lifted off of a padded armrail. Where's Hiryu's midriff sash? Where's the other end of his scarf? Where's Falchion?

DO NOT make a costume that looks this bad. Ever.

LSCM RATING: -10.0 out of 10

COSPLAYER: Jeremy West

This picture was taken at the 2003 Megacon, and I wish it hadn't been.

Terrible. Absolutely terrible. Unfinished hems, no weapons, no shoulder harness, and SLIP-ON DECK SHOES. For crying tears, people.

This guy looks like he went to a fabric store, picked out the three cheapest fabrics in colors close to what Hiryu's are, and just cut the shapes to match.

LSCM RATING: 0.7 out of 10


I forget how I obtained this picture. No matter.

Falchion... check. Midriff sash... check. Chest kanji... check. Correct hair color... check. Correct hair *texture*... no, but forgivable.

That's about all this guy got right. His shoulder guards are apparently broken, his wrist wrappings are made out of leftover athletic tape, and he's substituted a bandanna for Hiryu's scarf. For shame, people. Fie for shame.

LSCM RATING: 3.0 out of 10

COSPLAYER: unknown

Ugh, this one's terrible.

He's using a toy knife instead of a Falchion replica, his leg wrappings are uneven, he has no clogs, and his hair needs some serious CPR.

LSCM RATING: 3.2 out of 10

COSPLAYER: skensou

This costume was first worn at the 2005 Anime Expo.

Falchion, decent. Midriff sash, good. Chest kanji, good. Correct hair color, yes. Correct hair *texture*, no.

This costume's actually not that bad. I don't like the shoulder guards, but then again, I've never really seen them done well. They're the hardest bits to get right. Everything else is good, or decent, with this costume.

LSCM RATING: 4.4 out of 10


Again, I forget how I came by this picture.

Apparently Elfeater and Nando have the same sensibilities. However, Elfeater gets extra points for A) being a girl, 2) making an EXACT REPLICA of Falchion, and D) having"chest kanji." ^_~

And yes, I do realize I messed up that three-count. I did it on purpose.

LSCM RATING: 5.0 out of 10


It's SHAFT! *queues the Isaac Hayes theme music* This picture was taken at one of the Katsucon's.

Scarf, check. Midriff sash, check. Belt, check. Wrist guards, check. Chest kanji, check. Shoulder guards...passable.

He loses points for having no weapons, but regains them just for being black. I totally dig it when African-Americans get into Strider. The only question is, can *you* dig it?

LSCM RATING: 5.0 out of 10

COSPLAYER: John Beckwith

Good 'ol J. Beckwith himself sent me this one.

*scans checklist* Uh...he doesn't fit ANY of the criteria, really, except the chest kanji and the shoulder guards. And those he fits only loosely.

But, he does get points for creativity...and for having the, um, BALLS (so to speak) to wear an entire bodysuit of blue spandex.

For a more updated version of John Beckwith's Strider costume, click here.

LSCM RATING: 6.0? out of 10


FINALLY, someone with some sense!

This guy got just about everything right, except for the fact that he has no hook, and that he's wearing loafers. Loafers! Hiryu wears clogs, man! Get it straight!

LSCM RATING: 7.0 out of 10

COSPLAYER: unknown

I have no idea who this is, but I'm a hair's width away from making him my personal hero. This is easily the best attempt at making Hiryu's weapon's I've ever seen. Especially that hook!

Scarf, midriff sash, belt, wrist/shoulder guards, chest kanji... they're all here, and done well!

He loses points for having the wrong shoes, but that's about it.

LSCM RATING: 8.7 out of 10


If I thought the last one was good, I think Wayne's is even better. He's got it almost perfect.

Everything looks great, except for that midriff sash. Could use some work, man.

Only thing he loses points on is having worse weapons than the last guy. Great attempt, though.

LSCM RATING: 9.0 out of 10


We spotted this cosplayer at the Fort Canning Centre Cosfest in 2003.

We at first mistook this cosplayer for our target. That's how good his costume was. We decided that he posed a serious threat to our reconnaissanace, and attempted to eliminate him.

However, he eluded us. We now suspect that he might be a low-level Strider himself, perhaps a trainee.

LSCM RATING: 10.0 out of 10


Alright, if there's one thing LSCM does not tolerate, it's unauthorized impersonation of our own personnel. This guy has now entered my personal hitlist.

Note the fact that he used Photoshop tricks and special angles to hide the fact that his Hien costume TOTALLY SUCKS.

If I ever catch any of you, my readers, dressed up like this, I will shoot you down on the highway. Down like a DOG on the highway, with a bunch of lace at your neck. This I swear.

LSCM RATING: 1.0 out of 10