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Life Support (i.e. Waybacked)

Neostrider's Strider Zone @ AOL
The Blue Dragon: Strider HQ
Strider Island Moralos
Strider Con 2000

Kouji-S's ストライダー本部
Kinua-san's Delusion Area
Murase's Hell Fire Club
馳夫ルーム's Strider Room
S. Kirisima's ストライダー飛燕 Shrine
Taira S's 2048.Winter
The Wada Alliance

The Cannon Dancer Fan Page


Cipher {the Strider (series) Fanlisting}.
A directory of Strider otaku and their websites.

Strider Squad X.
This site disappeared and reappeared at random. It wasn't a completely Strider-oriented site, but it was definitely Strider-themed. This guy's layout was so good, it made me want to break his hands.

Strider: Body Weapon.
The official site for the MUGEN Strider game.

The Strider Zone.
Neostrider, why? Why'd you tease us by coming back, only to leave again?

[mezzanine] NES Strider Page.
The original NES Strider page.

The Strider Project.
A promising Strider page that died before it even caught on.

Strider: Legends - The Origins of the Super-Ninja Clan.
The only English-language Strider fanfiction site I've ever found. It sucked.

This Japanese site's author sure could draw some great doujinshi. Now, if only I could've read Japanese fluently...

Strider Hiryu Fan Club.
This site is dead. Completely dead. Deader than Mezzanine. But it was a good example of how a Strider fan club should look, so I'm really sad it's gone.

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