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Capcom Fighting All-Stars

YEAR: 2002
SYSTEM: System 246

In 2002, Capcom designed a new fighting game to take their VS. series into the 3D realm. This was the first time Capcom themselves had attempted to move one of their fighters into 3D themselves, as the Street Fighter EX series had been produced by Arika.

Calling the game Capcom Fighting All-Stars, Capcom mixed ingredients from both their Street Fighter and Vs. series, as well as the aforementioned EX series, and threw it all in a blender.

What came out wasn't pretty. The control mechanics were different, with two punches, two kicks, and sidestepping buttons (as opposed to the three-punch, three-kick scenario most are familiar with), as well as the complete absence of rounds. Instead of rounds, each character had three health bars and would faint when one ran out. Then they'd get right back up and the fighting would continue.

Hiryu made the cut, appearing in this game alongside other Capcom stalwarts like Mike Haggar and Chun Li, but I wish he hadn't. I really would rather not have to deal with a 3D Hiryu. It just looks wrong.

Thankfully, Capcom FAS didn't make it out of beta test. It got negative feedback in test arcades, and Capcom pulled it, revamped it, and released Capcom Fighting Evolution instead.

Hiryu didn't make the cut for that one, so we're just left with a few crappy screenshots.

And one very cool concept art.

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