Cold Storage

The LSCM is closed, and has been since our original webhost closed down in 2013. Kontek was kind enough to give us a home alongside the exiles, but the experience of losing our webhost and our domain name in one fell swoop was quite demoralizing for the staff.

That killed the site dead. The contributors to the LSCM always made it stand out from the others. Without their collaboration, it just wasn't the same.

On that note, if you're here, you're probably looking for one of the following things:

These are the things that made the LSCM more than just another fansite. These are the things that can't be duplicated on a Wiki article. Everyone who contributed has my deepest, most heartfelt gratitude.

...but it's time to move on. From this moment forward, no one is on staff. No hard feelings, but between my career, GDPR, and COPPA, I'm no longer in a position where I'm willing to be responsible for anyone I don't personally know.

That doesn't mean I'm coming back and taking over. That means this is goodbye. The LSCM is not coming back. If any (now-former) Staff want access to any of their contributions to the site, email me.

Thanks again, to all of you who came along for any portion of this strange, wonderful ride. Now go make something new.

Posted by Scion on March 27, 2021 15:12 CDT

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