Kyoshiro Hiryu (a.k.a. Zavan ) : Street Samurai - History

     ZavanÖ My name is Zavan. About 20 years ago my family was murdered by the Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia. Needless to say, my life from that point on was going to change significantly. I was only a child, less than 5. It was a Yak raid on my home. My father I would come to find out was a man who was involved with a secrete code named ďStriderĒ.

    The society was designed to help keep the peace within the Japanese Empire, and was founded nearly 480 years ago during the ďSengoku Jydei PeriodĒ in Japanís turbulent History. The members of the organization were trained rigorously in many of Japanís finest martial arts, including Ninjitsu and Ikijitsu.  The Yakuza sighted my father for termination on the grounds that he was a member of Strider.

   To make a long story short, and I know by now Iím far too late for that, Strider showed up too late for my parents. They saved me however, and took me to their hideout in Kyoto. They raised me like a member of their family knowing that one day I would have the task of avenging my parentís death. It is our way.

    Iíve had my share of bad experiences with other Striders who were not so thrilled to have me aboard. But that was always their problem, not mine. I donít need that kind of drek.

    Now Iím 24 years old, and my first real assignment has been handed to me. Iím to investigate the Yakuzaís activities in Trip City and possibly many other major cities in North America. In time I will venture to Seattle and even Denver. One day I will even be ordered to enter Tir Tangrie. God I hate that idea.

    But do you want to know what really sucks about being me? Simple. Because Iím a member of Strider, and my father was a Yak target. I am too. They will hunt me to the ends of the earth, interrogate me if they dared, and finally kill me. But you know what? Before that happens Iím going to take down as many of those fraggin' Yaks as I can before they take me. Trust me friend, I know I am already a dead man walking, but when I go, my name and face are going to burn in their minds as long as they live. You can bet your last new yen on it.