In the year 2030, a series of disasters that had plagued the earth came to a long-awaited end. Earthquakes, volcanoes, and a particularly despotic tyrant had ravaged the globe, and civilization's future remained uncertain. Humanity began to realize the desperate situation it was in, and began to use the energy it had once reserved for careless warfare and mindless violence to provide relief to the victims of such explosive hostilities. Gradually, through the efforts of a great many benevolent individuals, the standard of living rose to a tolerable level.

Eighteen years later, just as mankind was on the cusp of obtaining its long sought-after utopia, unusual activity was reported by a rancher in a small Eastern European nation called Kazakh. He said that he had seen several "red dots" move across the sky and disappear behind a mountain. They made no sound at all. Three days after the sighting, otherworldly creatures surfaced in the capital city, leveling it in a matter of days! Nothing remained but the rubble of demolished buildings and the occasional desperate cry of someone trapped beneath them.

These creatures marched across the entire European continent, effectuating the same kind of damage that they had in Kazakh. They subjugated the entire Eurasian landmass in just under three months, taking care to avoid the vicious Russian winter. Not long after, North and South America met the same fate. Mere months after the beings had first exposed themselves, five entire continents had been completely wiped out! Any survivors were taken and used as slaves. Their lives became a horrible nightmare from which they had no hope of waking.

The wicked mind behind the devastation was thought to be Kazakh's prime minister, who, it was said, had stumbled onto a technological breakthrough that allowed his nation to make a quantum leap in defensive and assault weaponry. It was this technology that had allowed him to conquer all five continents.

News reports told of the total annihilation of eighty percent of the living beings on the planet. These reports were picked up by the inhabitants of a small island called Moralos, somewhere in the South seas. This island was the secret training center for the Striders, the last defenders of justice on Earth. They were the masters of incredible acrobatic feats and unheard-of combative abilities, with access to both the ancient lore of the near-mythical ninjitsu clans of medieval Japan and cutting-edge technology. Their only code was that of overarching balance: nothing must ever tip the scales of power and authority. No one deserves to have ultimate power. Therefore, they assigned the incredible task of penetrating Kazakh's defenses and eliminating its prime minister to their best warrior, who was also the youngest man ever to achieve the rank of Super-A grade..........