Emotional Synthesis

By Elisa "Lady Maverick81" Luevanos

Synthesis (noun) : the dialectic combination of thesis and antithesis into a higher stage of truth.

-from Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (tenth ed.)

A mysterious figure casts an intangible shadow over the jungle, over exotic plants and the intriguing but dangerous animals that comprise the rainforest's fauna. Too fast to see with naked eyes, the figure quickly darts past the plants and animals, leaving behind no trace of its presence.

In front of an ancient wooden bridge, he abruptly stops, allowing the plants and animals to finally catch a glimpse of what this "mysterious figure" looked like. Even the water, which was unable to "see" him before, could now paint an image of this cryptic figure.

He was tall, dark, swathed in a dark blue gi, and his features were those of a young man. A thin, razor-sharp sword was strapped on his back, and a blood-red scarf covered his face, the free end flapping lazily in the warm jungle wind.

"Almost there...just a little bit more..." He muttered to himself as he overlooked the endless jungle and ancient ruins from days long ago.


"Please stop, Hiryu. The master already left..." Hien sighed and loosened the white scarf that masked his face. "Can't you see that he is the creator of this world... Our country... These ruins... The Striders... EVERYTHING!!!"

"Tell the master that I am the hunter and that he is the game..." Hiryu replied coldly. He began to walk away but then stopped and glared at Hien. "Next time, Hien, fight me with all of your might..." Then he disappeared into the darkness of the ruins and the jungle, leaving Hien standing there beside an empty tomb.

"Hiryu...so be it then..."

To Be Continued...