Glass and Metal Sky

By Elisa "Lady Maverick81" Luevanos

Sky (noun): the heavens or firmament appearing as a great expanse or vault.

-from Webster's College Dictionary (Glencoe Edition)

"Ha! You're a fool!" Ton Pooh yelled at Hiryu in pain as she tried to cover an open wound on her right arm. She sank slowly to the ground. "Do you dare take on our lord?" she continued, shooting a frigid glance at her unscathed nemesis. "The world belongs to him...and so do you, Strider Hiryu...ha...ha...ha!"

Sitting on top of a destroyed "Emperor Dragon," Hiryu coolly watched her, fully aware of her desperation. He quickly looked up. The starry night embraced the spikes of glass and metal that forever rise heavenward, futilely attempting to reach the infinite sky.

He quickly broke his gaze from the glass and metal sky that covered Neo Hong Kong, returning it to Ton Pooh once again. "No, it will be you who will always be a servant to your master." In a blink of an eye Hiryu was gone, leaving the sole surviving Kuniang sister alone with the Emperor Dragon's remains.

To Be Continued...