An Oddity of Stone and Blood

By Elisa "Lady Maverick81" Luevanos

Oddity (noun) : somebody or something different; somebody or something unique, unusual, or unconventional

-from Encarta World English Dictionary (North American Edition)

The setting sun painted its bright and fiery colors over ageless stone. A vengeful shadow flew past the ancient walls stained with red blood of fallen men who tried to fight it, past monsters that were human...or demon. It vanquished them all. None could withstand the flash of this shadow's oh-so-sharp blade.

"So this is it then...Wahnen..."


"You're insanely stupid, Strider. Do you dare take on our lord?!" Herzog Schlange cried out. Hiryu slowly approached the wounded man, only caring about the information Schlange possessed. His eyes were fixed upon Schlange's form; unblinking, unchanging, his gaze did not waver or seek a new subject.

"Are you not afraid of dying?"

Hiryu simply replied, "I will not die by his or by anyone's hand." That said, he disappeared into the darkess that quietly engulfed everything...

To Be Continued...